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The Road to the Paris Olympic Games 2024 – Achieving SA Colours in Breaking and Qualification for the Olympics

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Important Information

The World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) is the global body who has been nominated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to host the Qualifying series of events (the Breaking for Gold series, and other WDSF Continental Breaking and World Breaking Championship events) that will serve as qualification events for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 *.

In each country, the WDSF has National Member Bodies (NMBs), who have been mandated with the duty of facilitating and hosting national qualification events to select the top representatives of the nation – “National Champions”. 

In South Africa, DanceSport South Africa is the WDSF NMB and is the sports federation with the sole mandate from the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) to issue South African National Colours “Protea colours” for Breaking. The process of achieving Protea Colours in Breaking is therefore only possible through the successful participation in DSSA National Championship events. 

Following the conclusion of these DSSA National Championship events, the top two Bboys and top two Bgirls would be qualified to attend WDSF Intercontinental and World Championship events. Winning the title at the WDSF Intercontinental Breaking or WDSF World Breaking Championships would directly qualify a dancer to represent South Africa at the Paris 2024 Olympics

Alternately, our South African representative athletes can qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics via scoring points at the WDSF Breaking For Gold events commencing from July 2022 until 2024. The top scoring selection of athletes (official numbers still to be confirmed) during the WDSF Breaking For Gold Series will qualify for the Olympic Qualifying Series (OCS) – which is the final qualification process during 2024. At the end of the OCS in June 2024, the top 16 Bboys and top 16 Bgirls will be selected to compete for Olympic Gold in Paris 9-10 August 2024.  

* There is no alternate route to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 other than via the WDSF and NMB sanctioned events.