You are currently viewing DSSA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE™ – WDSF Qualifier Competition 1 in Kwazulu-Natal on the 2nd of April 2022

DSSA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE™ – WDSF Qualifier Competition 1 in Kwazulu-Natal on the 2nd of April 2022

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DSSA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE™ Standings for  WDSF Qualifier Competition 1 

Event Information


International | American | Pro/Am

WDSF World Championships Qualifier Competition 1


Date: 2 April 2022

Venue: Liberty Hall, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Address: Link

Entries Closing Date: 24 March 2022

Competition Sections

The following are the competition sections that will be danced during the 2022 Champions League competitions.

• Level 1 to Level 4, Rising Star (Novice and Pre-Championship) sections: Juvenile 1 and 2, Junior 1 and 2, Youth, Adult, Senior 1, 2 and 3
• Championship sections: Juvenile 1 and 2, Junior 1
• Champions League Sections: Junior 2, Youth, under 21, Adult, Senior 1, 2 and 3, Professional

• All-Girls sections. The all girls sections will be treated as new sections and as such to register in these sections, dancers will pay a full competition entry fee. Only levels 1, 2 and 3 sections will be allowed to dance the all-girls sections. The minimum couples for all-girls section to be danced is three (3) couples. If there are two or less couples, the sections will be combined irrespective of age groups.
• Physically Challenged Sections. The competition will cater for special sections as defined by respective studios. For physical impairment, the entry form must clearly define the type of physical challenge to ensure that athletes are grouped accordingly and that the groupings display similar forms of physical challenges. Couples who are not physically challenged do not qualify under this category.
• Special Sections: These sections cater for singles where one dancer is accompanied either by a teacher/ or another competing dancer. Only levels 1 to 3 are catered for under these sections. Appropriate age groups will apply. The rest of the conditions are as defined under bullet 4 above.

Qualification Criteria

The competition is open to all dancers irrespective of affiliation.

The Champions League
Only couples in the Championship sections shall enter the Champions League. Please note that the competition age category should match the age group that the dancer will fall within during the 2023 WDSF World Championships. In the interest of time and convenience for all the participants, no delays will be accommodated as this might lead to competitions finishing too late into the early hours of the next day. In order to ensure that every section runs on time, no new entries will be allowed on the date of the competition. The registration desk will also be opened two hours before the competition to eliminate unnecessary delays.

About DanceSport SA

DanceSport South Africa is a member of the South African Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), founding member of the South African DanceSport Federation (a Zone Six DanceSport Structure) and a full-fledged member of World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) which is the only International DanceSport Organisation recognized by International Olympics Committee (IOC), General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), International World Games Association (IWGA) and Association of the IOC Recognized Sports Federations (ARISF).