You are currently viewing DanceSport SA presents the 8 to 8 Ballroom & Latin Athletes Spring Dance Camp on the 11th of September 2021

DanceSport SA presents the 8 to 8 Ballroom & Latin Athletes Spring Dance Camp on the 11th of September 2021

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Dear Members

Join us for our first DanceSport SA FREE Ballroom & Latin Spring Dance Virtual Camp on 11 September 2021. 

The camp will run from 08:00 till 20:00.

We are excited to welcome our very own World DanceSport Federation Adjudicator from South Africa and now based in Germany, Grant Mandon Baartzes as one of our hosts and an esteemed facilitator.

Gear up for one of DSSA’s most dynamic and electrifying camps for dancers with an exclusive list of International Facilitators. 

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Athletes Virtual Camp Lecturer – Rumba
Grant Mandon Baartzes – South Africa / Berlin, Germany

Proudly South African Grant Mandon Baartzes is a classical Ballet trained dancer. Having used his ballet background to enhance the principles of Ballroom and Latin dance, he quickly climbed the ladder to becoming one of South Africa’s greatest exports. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany where he teaches medalist dancers and champions alike. He also travels extensively to judge WDSF events all around the world.

Grant is a three times South African National Amateur Latin American DanceSport Champion, three times South African Professional Latin American DanceSport Champion, Quarter, Semi and Finalist of various IDSF (now WDSF) World events as well as BDF and British Open events.

Other accolades include being the IPDSC (now WDSF PD) World Professional Latin American DanceSport Finalists, IPDSC World Cup Professional Latin Semi Finalist, and IPDSC Asian Professional Open Latin Champion.

Grant holds a WDSF Adjudicator A Adjudicators Licence since 2012 and also holds a PD Licence.

Grant will share his experience in Dance in a lecture on Rumba and discussions about competiquette on an international level.

Athletes Virtual Camp Lecturer: Paso Doble.
Rosa Filippello – Perth, Australia. 

Rosa Filippello started dancing at the age of 7 and by the age of 11 was an Australian Champion and continued to win Australian Championships in every age division. Upon retiring from competitive dancing in 2017 she remains undefeated in Australia. 

Some of Rosa’s achievements under the belt are 2016 UK Professional Rising Star Latin Champion, 2016 British Professional Rising Star Latin Champion, All England, Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Australasian & Australian Latin Champion. 

After being based overseas for many years Rosa is delighted to be back home in Australia and trains medalist and champion class competitors in Perth.

In 2018 Rosa launched her rhinestone brand ‘Flawless Crystals’ which proves to show that she is a lady of many talents. 

We are fortunate to have Rosa as part of our team of lecturers to speak to dynamics relating to Paso Doble.

Athletes Virtual Camp Lecturer: Slow Foxtrot
Petra Matschullat- Horn – Dusseldorf, Germany.

Petra Matschullat- Horn is the epitome of a professional and her achievements are manifold and includes several times 7th place recorder at World Professional 10 Dance Championships, Finalists and Semifinalists European Professional 10 Dance Championships, Multiple German Professional 10 Dance Championship runners-up, Multiple German Professional 10 Dance Championship finalists, Multiple German Professional Latin Championship finalists, Mehrfach German Professional Standard Championship finalists, Finalists German Latin Freestyle Championships, Finalists German Standard Freestyle Championships, Finalists at Holland Masters in Standard and Latin, 13th of 195 couples at Rising Stars Latin in Blackpool (2000), 2nd place at German 10 Dance Grand Prix Finals (2000), 2nd place at Standard Freestyle French Open in Paris and 3rd place at Professional 10 Dance European-Cup (1996).

Petra is also a WDSF Adjudicator and Examiner and travels extensively internationally to judge and examine DanceSport. Petra prides herself in being one of the top class International DanceSports trainer and choreographers. 

Petra will share her knowledge and experience with us in a lecture about the beautiful Slow Foxtrot.

Athletes Virtual Camp Lecturer: Waltz
Thabo Khoza – South Africa / Italy

Thabo Khoza is a well known name in the South African DanceSport fraternity. Born in the beautiful South Africa City of Durban in Kwa Zulu- Natal, he started dancing in 2002 and within 2 years he represented South Africa at the WDSF World Junior II Standard Championships.

After going through the ranks and age groups he decided to turn Professional in 2009 and represented South Africa from 2014 to 2018 in numerous Championships and traveling extensively every year. 

Thabo also ran his dance studio while being an active athlete. He is currently based in Italy and continues to pursue his career as a professional athlete.

Athletes Virtual Camp Lecturer: Quickstep & Cha Cha.
Oskar Hemmelmayr & Rozetta Kats

Oskar Hemmelmayr and Rozetta Kats- a young and ambitious DanceSport couple, representing the Netherlands in the Ten dances. Before their paths crossed, Oskar was multiple times Austrian Junior and Youth Champion, and Rozetta was multiple Youth and Under 21 Champion of the Netherlands.

Together they represent the Netherlands and have for approximately 4 years. They are the current Standard & Ten Dance Champions of the Netherlands, as well as Semi-Finalists in the WDSF European Ten Dance Championships. They are also Finalists in various International competitions representing Netherlands around the world.

They both study at the world famous DanceSport Institute in Italy and have been since 2017. Oskar has been promoted to the prestigious DanceSport Academy in 2019.

Athletes Virtual Camp Lecturer: Slow Foxtrot
Ron Hoorn from the Netherlands

(Inter)national Adjudicator NADB/WDSF

Ron Hoorn having been a NADB Ambassador of Foreign Affairs and National and International Adjudicators for NADB and WDSF had his first dance lessons as an 11 year old boy, which makes him a lifelong learner in Ballroom Dance.

For 25 years in a row he has been running two social dance schools in the Netherlands and competed very successfully all over Europe first as an Amateur and later as Professional dancer.

20 years later, he is as freelancer traveling all over the World as international adjudicator (including many European- and World Championships and Grand Slams), and as 10-Dance teacher/trainer/coach and working with top amateur and professional couples.

Athletes Virtual Camp Lecturer: Superior Fitness & Strength Trainer
Bongani Mkhwanazi from the South Africa.

Bongani Mkhwanazi is a certified personal trainer and fitness coach. His speciality is extreme fitness in sport. Bongani is an OCR athlete working as a Personal trainer at Virgin Active since 2015. He is passionate about helping people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible. Bongani believes that everyone deserves the right to good health and to be happy with themselves inside and out.

Getting fit and healthy does not have to be difficult, but often times it is. Why is that? With so much conflicting and contradictory information out there it can be very frustrating and confusing to know what to do. Guess what? You’re not alone- BongZ will have our hearts pumping to the fullest after the elongated break from Dancesport during the COVID 19 time in an electrifying fitness session during our camp.

Athletes Virtual Camp Lecturer: Tango
Marco Cavallaro & Letizia Ingrosso

This dynamic duo has been dancing together for the oases 11 years. Already their dance experience together exceeds 50 years! Previously Marco danced with Joanne Clifton representing England for 12 years and Letizia with Andrea Zaramella representing Italy and both of them were finalist at the Blackpool Dance Festival in Under 21 category. 

Since they started to dance together they have trained with the top teachers in the World and being coached by Davide and Olga Cacciari in Molinella(Bologna). Their series of result have put them on the podium of every major competitions around the world. 

They are several times bronze medalists at World and European championships, Grand Slam Series including German Open Championships in both Amateur and Professional category. They are 5 Times Italian champions in Amateur and Professional and are now dedicated to research and development of Dance Sport. They are training some of the best talent around the world and adjudicating many comps as well in Italy and other parts of the world!