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Annual General Meeting 2020

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The DSSA Dance and DanceSport fraternity has been hard hit by the Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19). When we were about to start our dancing year, we were forced into a Hard Lockdown. It was and remains a challenging time for coaches, teachers and especially our athletes. Having said this, as the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the our beautiful sport, the safety and adhering to Government’s call for a National State of Disaster remained our top priority. We are aware that many coaches and teachers suffered the burden of a loss of income and this made us aware that we need to educate our coaches, teachers and scrutineers and other Dance Technical Officials (DTO) to become compliant in becoming business people.

As the NEC we had to constantly check Government Policy around the Covid- 19 situation, before we could make decisions on rebooting our sector. To date and after having done comprehensive research and planning to host the biggest competition, the DanceSport SA National Championships, the National State of Disaster was extended, which left us with no other choice, but to cancel this prestigious event for 2020. We made this decision after much deliberation and in the best interest of our athletes and officials.

We had to make the decision that all athletes who qualified in 2019 to represent South Africa at a WDSF World Championships, forfeit their points and representation, taking into account the Covid- 19 pandemic, age changes, partner changes and restrictions international travel. Athletes who qualify to represent South Africa at WDSF World Championships in 2022, must accumulate points in 2021.

We are getting correspondence from South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and pertinent information will be communicated to all our members via PABs, Associate Members and our Facebook page. While Covid- 19 and Lockdown placed limitations on our activities, it is safe to say that it afforded us the opportunity to reflect on not only our dancing, but also on our lives in general. We hope that this forced introspection provided athletes, coaches and the rest of the dance fraternity time to reflect on what they want to achieve in Dance and DanceSport, but also in life.

From 13 to 14 November 2020 we hosted AGM in Johannesburg.

Vision 2022:

  1. Vision 2022 is an essential transformation of DSSA at all levels to create the conditions that will allow all the dancers to dance in one platform without any discrimination.
  2. South Africa should be well represented by a National team in all dance genres.
  3. Our long-term development plan is to achieve the goal of winning World Championships in different dance genres.
  4. By 2022 all schools should have dance as a formal sport with a fully functional National League. 

Our strategic plan still aims to provide every identified Athlete that displays the necessary DanceSport attributes and the mental acumen with the best possible opportunity to perform at every level of the dance and DanceSport in South Africa.

DSSA pipeline which will enable Dance and DanceSport in SA:

  1. Create an increased pool of Athletes at all level that will perform above the performance benchmarks as determined by DSSA from time to time.
  2. Increase mass participation across all dance genres in South Africa.
  3. Develop dance from primary schools up until high performance level.
  4. Increase the pool Athletes ready for national selection.
  5. Create a strong base with a sustainable and increased flow of successful performing Athletes.


  1. Marketing and Communication
  2. Schools and Higher Education
  3. Finance
  4. Competitions
  5. DTO
  6. Governance, Constitution and dispute resolution
  7. Dance Development, PABs and Associate Membership (All dance styles)
  8. Women, Athletes and differently abled athletes.

Auditing and Finance

Our books continue to receive clean audit.

Marketing and Commercializing of DanceSport South Africa Owned Events:

  1. DSSA National Championships / DanceSport SA National Championships
  2. DSSA Provincial Championships / DanceSport SA Provincial Championships
  3. DSSA Champions League / DanceSport SA Championships League
  4. DSSA Development Competitions / DanceSport SA Development Competitions
  5. DSSA Provincial School League / DanceSport SA Provincial School League
  6. DSSA National School League / DanceSport SA National School League

Gender Equity

Gender equity and representativity in our sport is important. Since 2018, DSSA has put focus on gender equity and representativity within the federation both Nationally and Provincially. We have increasingly worked hard to ensure that we offer opportunities and services that are inclusive of participants of all genders and different backgrounds that represent South Africa. Upholding gender equity and representativity principles within DSSA has widespread benefits in the community at large, promoting respect for women and even playing a role in preventing domestic violence. Having said all the above, I take this opportunity to wish the Dance and DanceSport Fraternity of South Africa and abroad a Blessed Festive season. I hope to welcome everybody back to Dance and DanceSport in 2021. I plea to all to adhere to Government regulations of Social Distancing, Sanitising and frequently washing of hands.  

For and on behalf of DanceSport South Africa